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Commentary on Paula Cole
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101:
Lesson One: What Is Emotional Literacy?
by Mark Zimmerman
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101 Lesson One: Commentary On Paula Cole

Commentary on Paula Cole by Mark Zimmerman I have always liked this song by Paula Cole. Paula Cole, Musician and Songwriter, wrote in her song, The Ladder,

"I am climbing a ladder of urgency.

"Climbing a ladder of hope.

"Climbing a ladder of my emotions.

"Climbing a ladder of unraveling rope."

Understanding our emotions: being able to identify them; being able to recognize them; being able to categorize them into function; and what they do for us; and how they are used; and how they affect others, and what they mean to us, is like climbing a ladder of emotional development.

The hope is that our emotions are not a static thing. But that our emotions can develop into wondrous feelings - that bring joy to our lives. And it's this process of learning about our emotions, this process of education - which will unravel the mystery of our emotions, and reveal unto us the knowledge of ourselves.

Paula Cole's song ends,

"I am only one thing.

"One thing I see.

"One thing I feel.

"I am the ladder."

The ultimate responsibility for your own emotions, and whether or not you can bring change to them, lies with you. Because each of us has defense mechanisms; which are also emotions; which block out influences; which may help us to develop. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with you. At the end of a day, no education process, or no teacher can break that shell, that we use to protect ourselves from our own emotions. That we have to be the ladder of our own lives. That we have to be the motivation for our own development.

Paul Cole wrote, "Climbing a ladder of my emotions. Climbing a ladder of unraveling rope." An analogy for emotions has been the layers of an onion. And when you peel one back - a new emotion arises. Thus, unraveling the mystery of our emotions.

It's when the person goes inside themselves and unravels their own emotions, using their intellect, that they begin to discover who and what they are.

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