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Claude Steiner Quotes
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101:
Lesson One: What Is Emotional Literacy?
by Mark Zimmerman
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101 Lesson One: Claude Steiner Quotes

Claude Steiner Quotes Claude Steiner wrote in his book, Emotional Literacy Intelligence with Heart, "To be Emotionally Literate is to be able to handle emotions in a way that improves your personal power, and improves the quality of life for you, and equally important, the quality of life for the people around you.

"Emotional Literacy helps your emotions to work for you instead of against you. It improves relationships, creates loving possibilities between people, makes cooperative work possible, and facilitates the feeling of community.

"But Emotional Literacy is not a mere unleashing of the emotions - it is also learning to understand, manage and control them.

"Being Emotionally Literate means that you know what emotions you and others have, how strong they are, and what causes them.

"Being Emotionally Literate means that you know how to manage your emotions, because you understand them.

"With Emotional Literacy training, you will learn how to express your feelings, when and where to express them, and how they affect others.

"You will also develop empathy and will learn to take responsibility for the way your emotions affect others. Through this training, you will become an emotional gourmand - aware of the texture, flavor, and aftertaste of your emotions. You will learn how to let your rational skills work hand-in-hand with your emotional skills, adding to your ability to relate to other people. Hence, you will become better at everything you do with others: parenting, partnering, working, playing, teaching, and loving."

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