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Mark Zimmerman Quotes
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101:
Lesson One: What Is Emotional Literacy?
by Mark Zimmerman
Emotional Literacy Education Course 101 Lesson One: Mark Zimmerman Quotes

Mark Zimmerman Quotes I would like to conclude with a quote, which I have written, and which can be found at my Website: emotionalliteracyeducation.com.

There I wrote, "Emotional Literacy Education is the refinement of a knowledge base that has been around for thousands of years. It has been the focus of religion, philosophy, science and psychology. It is Self-Knowledge which has been formulated into a language of emotions which can be taught.

"The fundamental principle of Emotional Literacy Education is the need for the individual to understand him or herself and others. The current educational system is based upon the recognition of the need for the individuals to learn how to read, write and do arithmetic. These skills are taught for the economic benefit of the child. Happiness is an emotional state as well as an economic state. What we, as adults, were not taught in school, is how to achieve happiness.

"Emotional Literacy Education is based upon an Emotional Literacy Vocabulary. It is a means by which language is used to introduce a student to his or her own emotional values. Emotional Literacy Vocabulary permeates nearly all literature. In what we write is how we feel, think, desire and behave. From this vocabulary a structured language will be taught which relates to the content of our human selves. When we study ourselves, new choices in our feelings, thoughts and behaviors are made available to us.

"What are the features of an Emotional Literacy Education system? reference material, the Emotional Literacy Language, a curriculum, teaching materials, activities, and the achievement of Emotional Literacy Objectives."

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