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Emotional Literacy Education Course 101
What Is Emotional Literacy Education?
Lecture from Lesson 8: Imagination, Logic, Creativity & Intuition
by Mark Zimmerman

Emotional intelligence classes on imagination, logic, creativity and intuition.

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The Subjects in Lesson Eight Are: Abraham Maslow, analogy between exercising the body and the brain, anger, associative learning, attention and concentration, bitterness, creativity, daydreams, desires, doubt, dreams, emotional intelligence classes, emotions, exercising brain functions, exercising the mind, fear, feeling voices, free association, Sigmund Freud, hatred, imagination, importance of exercising the brain, impulse voices and inner feeling voices, impulses and signals, intellect, intuition, logic, memory, mind building, need-fulfillment skills, needs, problem solving, reason, self-esteem, self-knowledge, sequential and non-sequential memory and thinking, social influence, society, soul, strengthening the mind, task orientation, terror, thought construction, thoughts, traditional education, using language as a skill in emotional literacy, using writing skills to compile random thoughts and sequencing your thoughts through writing, your uniqueness.

Tracks 1 through 3: An introductory lecture to Emotional Literacy Education with commentaries by Mark Zimmerman on Psychologist Abraham Maslow's quotes, "The technique here is just to wait to see what happens, what comes to mind. This is what Freud called free association, free-floating attention rather than task orientation. If you are successful in this effort and learn how to do it, you can forget about the outside world and its noises and begin to hear these small, delicate impulse voices from within, the hints from your animal nature, not only from your common species-nature, but also from your uniqueness." From The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, by Abraham Maslow, page 179, 3rd paragraph.

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