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Emotional Literacy Education Course 101
What Is Emotional Literacy Education?
Lecture from Lesson 2: Intrinsic Education vs. Associative Learning
by Mark Zimmerman

Emotional intelligence development through Emotional Literacy Education Course 101.

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001 Emotional Literacy Education Is Intrinsic Education 7:47 Download 958 KB
002 Language Skill: Dictionary Look Up "Intrinsic" 14:20 Download 1,763 KB
003 Language Skill: Dictionary Look Up "Extrinsic" 4:29 Download 554 KB
004 Intrinsic Education: Developing Understanding and Wisdom 10:30 Download 1,291 KB
005 The Old Education of Associative Learning 6:43 Download 828 KB
006 Mark Zimmerman's Experience with Education 8:35 Download 1,057 KB
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The Subjects in Lesson Two Are:
The Farther Reaches of Human Nature by Abraham Maslow, accidental, acquiring knowledge about yourself, acquisition of learning skills, anger, apparent, associative learning, becoming a good human being, body, culture, emotional intelligence development, education, Emotional Literacy Movement, emotions, essential, evolution, external, extrinsic vs. intrinsic education, facial expression, feelings, frustration, genuine, growth, inherent, inner selves, inside, internal, intrinsic learning, inward, life skills, mind, nature, neurosis, non-essential, philosophy, psychology, real, reality, self-knowledge, social evolution of man, therapy, thoughts, traditions, true, understanding yourself, ungenuine, unreal, untrue, whole, wisdom, within, your nature.

Tracks 1 through 7: An introductory lecture to Emotional Literacy Education with commentaries by Mark Zimmerman on Psychologist Abraham Maslow's quotes, "If one thinks in terms of the developing of the kinds of wisdom, the kinds of understanding, the kinds of life skills that we would want, then he must think in terms of what I would like to call intrinsic education - intrinsic learning; that is, learning to be a human being in general, and second, learning to be this particular human being.... Certainly one thing I can tell you. Our conventional education looks mighty sick. Once you start thinking in this framework, that is, in terms of becoming a good human being, and if then you ask the question about the courses that you took in high school, 'How did my trigonometry course help me to become a better human being?' an echo answers, 'By gosh, it didn't!' In a certain sense, trigonometry was for me a waste of time." From The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, by Abraham Maslow, page 164, 1st paragraph.

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