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Emotional Literacy Education Course 101
What Is Emotional Literacy Education?
Lecture from Lesson 6: A Search to Find Your Passion
by Mark Zimmerman

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001 We Were Those Children 5:24 Download 668 KB
002 Defining Neurosis and Psychopathology 13:17 Download 1,633 KB
003 We Are the Most Successful Animal 7:35 Download 934 KB
004 We Have Needs that Go beyond Our Animal Nature 10:04 Download 1,240 KB
005 Make Learning a Lifelong Goal, a Lifelong Journey 6:36 Download 815 KB
006 What Makes You Happy? 3:34 Download 440 KB
007 You're Good by Nature 3:11 Download 395 KB
008 Giving Ourselves Permission to Dream 3:52 Download 480 KB
009 A Search to Find Your Passion 4:02 Download 499 KB



Mark Zimmerman's educational commentary on Singer/Songwriter Jewel Kilcher's quotes from a 1997 interview from Mediadome.com®, and Abraham Maslow quotes from The Farther Reaches of Human Nature.

The Subjects in Lesson Six Are:
Abraham Maslow used healthy people as models, asking children about their interests and passions, cause of neurosis, day dreams, deficiency in traditional education, definitions of neurosis and psychopathology, dreaming about happiness, dreams and daydreams, emotional emptiness, fear, finding your passion, finding yourself, functional and dysfunctional emotions, giving ourselves permission to dream, higher needs vs. lower needs, how children are treated in traditional education, human and brain evolution, hunger, ideas, imagination and self-discovery, imagination is where all new ideas come, Jewel Kilcher on education in what makes us happy, Jewel Kilcher interviews, Jewel Kilcher quotes, leaning is the answer to unlearning neurosis, learning process in humans and mammals, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, needs of the soul, neurosis from the society and how it affects the individual, neurotic social system, traditional education contributes to neurosis, we get our choices from our imagination, what are your passions, what is culture, you are good by nature, you have a spirit

Tracks 1 through 9: An introductory lecture to Emotional Literacy Education with commentaries by Mark Zimmerman on Singer/Song Writer Jewel Kilcher's quotes from a 1997 interview at Mediadome.com®.

Jewel Kilcher was asked, "What should schools do to better educate children?"

Jewel replied, "It's a matter of teaching our children from younger ages. Of asking them what their passions are. Not how they're going to make a living, but what makes them happy. What dump things, what absolutely useless things, what fear-based limiting things we are taught. As kids we need to be asked and inspired and told, 'You have a little spirit. You're good by nature.' "

Jewel continues, "We need to be asked more about our dreams, and be allowed to daydream more. How is our life created? by our hands. If we live thoughtlessly, we just respond to our environment, instead of us controlling our environment. Nobody's taught that at a young age; I wish that I was taught that when I was six, because we can spend from age 6 to 18 figuring that out, and we're dumped off at age 18 and expected to figure it out. So we drink a lot and we go to college, and it's kind of unuseful."

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